Drapes Cleaning Canberra

Clean curtains and drapes are very important for the decor and a tidy looking house. Nevertheless, curtains act like air filters and trap a lot of dust and dirt that gets stuck inside them. As a result, curtains look absolutely dirty and shabby and spoil the surroundings as well. The curtains not only make the house and the interior ugly but can also spread health disorders in the process. It is always in everybody’s interest to hire drapes cleaning service for your Canberra home. We at Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra provide effective services at competitive rates that ensure cleaned curtains and drapes for a long time. So, get in touch with us now to book an appointment for making your curtains and drapes free of harmful pollutants. Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra is your solution for services required for maintaining the different types of curtains and blinds in the house. We provide the most reliable cleaning options for repairing and restoring the damaged blinds and curtains in your housing and commercial properties in Canberra. Keeping them clean is mandatory. We are providing professional drapes cleaning service in Canberra from multiple decades. We provide same day and emergency drape cleaning services to residents of Canberra. Steam cleaning, as well as dry cleaning of drapes, is provided to clients by our technicians. Call us today on +61480090717 for a express booking and more details on your requested service. Drapes cleaning for your Canberra home need not be a difficult process now!

Benefits of Drapes Cleaning

1. Drapes cleaning from Canberra professionals is essential for people who have 1 or more pets. As their fur and hair goes and remains inside drapes and curtains in the course of the day. To prevent breathing disorders and other health disorders regular drape cleaning is a must.

2. Drapery cleaning helps in eliminating nasty smoke smells. Those households that have chain smokers who smoke inside the house also need to undertake drape cleaning on a regular basis.

3. Regular drape cleaning substantially increases the life of your drapes.

4. The drapes carry a lot of dust, germs and microbes which drops the air quality exponentially. The air quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe is enhanced too by way of drape cleaning carried out by professionals.

Drape Cleaning Process followed by Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra

Elite Cleaning Canberra provides both off-site and on-site curtain cleaning services. The process given below is for on-site cleaning. We provide either of the 2 based on the requirements of our clients.

1. The drapes are inspected thoroughly by our technicians. The length and width of the drapes are also measured as well by them. Recording correct measurements of the drapes is essential to avoid any future misunderstandings if shrinkage of your drapery occurs after cleaning. Any damage or defect in the drapes prior to cleaning is also noted down by our technicians.

2. In this step our technicians get to work. They start with cleaning the mould, dirt, and dust, stains and smells from the drapes with the help of our cleaning solutions and chemicals.

3. The cleaning solutions that were applied in the above steps are washed out with water making sure no residue of the dirt or the muddy water remains inside the drapes.

4. Our technicians dry the curtains and drapes out and out before rehanging them. They also deodorize the drapery while also making sure that the drapes do not retain even a percent of moisture in them.

5. The technicians carry out a second inspection again to check if there is any part still left to process. If so, they do it and complete the cleaning procedure.

Services We Offer

Curtain Cleaning Service

Drapes Cleaning Service

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Roman Blind Cleaning

Venetian Blinds Cleaning

Professional Dry Cleaning of Drapes & Curtains,

Cushion Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning

Mould treatment

Re-lining of Curtains and Drapes.

Track repairs, service, or replacement if necessary.

Blinds Cleaning Service In Canberra

Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra deals in cleaning Austrian blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Holland Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, etc. We provide reliable installation as well as professional cleaning services for blinds in commercial as well as residential properties. Our eco-friendly cleaning products help in cleaning and removing almost every type of dirt, stain and smell developing inside the blinds on a day-to-day basis. Our excellent cleaning outcomes has made us a popular and reliable curtain cleaning provider in Australia. We follow the highest standards and best practices in providing blinds cleaning services to each of our clients. Contact us to get exceptional customer service and value-for-money on your blinds cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning Service In Sydney

We also provide curtain cleaning service for curtains of different variety such as – Sheer curtains, Box pleated curtains, Double box pleat curtains, tab top curtains, Linen & acrylic curtains, etc. These curtains are commonly used in the areas with high foot traffic like office lounges, drawing rooms, public areas, restaurants, etc. Such areas are prone to accumulate dirt, dust and germs on a daily basis. These areas need to be cleaned on a frequent timeline. Such treatments can be expertly done by professional curtain cleaners alone with maximum efficiency. For that our teams are always ready for assignments. We function on all days to provide assistance to owners of private and public properties. We have earned our stripes as the most trusted curtain cleaners with our cutting-edge cleaning technologies and a team of efficient offsite and onsite curtain cleaners. We provide curtain steam cleaning and dry cleaning. You can book an appointment with us for any types of curtain cleaning

Why Choose Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra?

Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra is a premium name in the curtain cleaning industry. With constant updation in cleaning technologies and techniques, we have been able to remain on top in the business. We provide drapes cleaning services in Canberra to factories, establishments, hotels, motels, housing apartments, and other residential properties.

1. Our technicians are available on all days in the week including weekends and public holidays. We maintain customer convenience ahead of everything. You can book an appointment with us for any service you require at any time of the month.

2. Our treatment techniques and equipment allow us to achieve the best cleaning outcomes for upholstery, furnishing, drapes, and curtains.

3. Our rates for drapery and curtain cleaning are competitive and customer-oriented. We do not believe in adding any hidden charges to your bills.

4. The technicians we send to your property are extremely professional, skillful and punctual.

5. Our treatment techniques are unique and tailored according to customer requirements.


1. Can I buy your curtain cleaning products from any stores?

No, our products are not available offline. We sell all of our products only online.

2. How soon can I expect your products to be delivered?

Most probably, on the first business day after your payment is received.

3. Does drape cleaning affect the colors on my drape?

No, our cleaning chemicals ensure that the colours on your drapes look brighter and nicer. So opting for drapes cleaning Canberra is a wiser choice!

4. Are your cleaning agents toxic?

No, the cleaning agents our technicians at Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The pets and the children in your household won’t suffer any harm from our products.

5. Do I have to remain at home while your technicians work on my curtains?

No, our technicians can work on their own provided you exchange all details with them beforehand.

24/7 Same Day Appointments available