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For over two decades, Elite Curtain Cleaning has been offering the most reliable and effective curtain mould removal service. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and certified to remove mould from the curtains, regardless of the texture and fabric.

Further, our team of technicians knows multiple ways of cleaning curtain mould from commercial as well as residential places. At Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra, we aim to offer the most reliable, cleaner, and safe cleaning solution to Canberra residents.

We have thousands of happy customers across Canberra, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our exceptional mould removal services.

Indoor Air Quality in Home or Office

Have you ever thought about the quality of the air where you live or work? Indoor air quality has a significant effect on the person’s well-being. Ideally, the indoor air should be clean, healthy, and germ-free.

Several factors contribute to the respiratory illnesses among the inhabitant, of which one is the poor indoor air quality in office and house.

The presence of mould can hamper the quality of air circulation with the living and working space, putting everyone at the risk of contracting serious illnesses. The situation may get worse for people with allergies, the elderly, kids, and people with low immune systems. So, it is advised to hire the best curtain mould removal Canberra company to maintain ideal air quality and a healthy lifestyle.

Most common types of mould grow when seasons change or when there is an increase in the level of moisture in the air from floods or leakages. Therefore, it is advised to take special care of your valued possessions during such a period.

Mould and its Association with Health Issues

Primarily, mould thrives on the surface where there is a lack of sunlight, moisture, and cold – the ideal growing environment for them. Further, it does not cause severe infestation overnight, they take a long time to sustain and spread in the house.

Thus, it is suggested to treat the infestation at the earliest and at the source to prevent health issues among the inhabitants. Some of the moulds like Stachybotrys and Aspergillus can cause serious health problems. Whereas Cladosporium induces several types of allergies and aggravates underlying mould allergy.

How Does Moulds Harm Us?

It is essential to understand where and how mould grows and ways to treat them to prevent illnesses among loved ones. Mould is a type of fungus that grows in dark, damp, and cold places. If their presence is ignored, they cause severe damage to the person’s health. Therefore, you need to hire a professional with vast knowledge of effectively removing mould from your premises.

At Elite Curtain Cleaning, we use professional and non-toxic mould removal solutions to remove these harmful fungi and their spores from your living space. Our professional curtain mould remover ensures that our clients get the best mould removal service in Canberra and its surrounding.

Further, we not just remove mould but offer long-term mould removal solutions to prevent them from reoccurring.

Hidden Mould Removal:  

Sometimes mould grows in places that are not easily visible. They grow even on the wall, the surface behind the mounted bedhead and wardrobes. Our team of mould removers is trained and proficient at eliminating all sorts of fungi and their spores from your residential and commercial places.

Affordable Curtain Magic Mould Remover Canberra

Over the last few years, we have noticed a substantial increase in the mould on the curtains, shower curtains, lining of drapes and blinds. In most cases, they are caused due to untimely cleaning and an increase in humidity, leading to an unhealthy living environment.

Our shower curtain mould remover effectively removes mould from the linings of the curtains and drapes. Further, our master curtain stain removal team uses curtain dry cleaning techniques on curtains with water-sensitive fabric. We separate the lining from the face fabric before applying chemicals to remove the mould. Once our curtain mould removers are finished cleaning your curtains, you will fall in love with the fresh, mould-free, and spotless curtains.

We even offer two cost-effective cleaning options:

Offsite curtains mould removal Canberra service: If you have a tight schedule, then our offsite curtain mould remover will come around, take dirty curtains, clean them, and return fresh and clean curtains at the time convenient for you.

Onsite curtains mould removal Canberra service: We send our curtain mould remover to your property to clean your curtains.

The best part of our onsite and offsite curtain cleaning service is that we charge the same for both the service. Call on +61480090717 to know more about the service or ask for a express booking on-call.

Best Curtain Magic Mould Remover Canberra Products

At Elite Curtain Cleaning, we guarantee exceptional results in just 15 minutes! Our mould removers use curtain magic mould remover for removing mould from a wide range of products, including drapes, blinds, and curtains. The ingredients used in this product are tested and cause no damage to the fabric. Our technicians use this product to speed up the mould removal process.

Contact +61480090717 to save money and get the best curtain mould removal service in Canberra.

Professional Curtain Mould Cleaning Services Canberra

Our team of technicians is qualified to handle all types of mould removal services at both commercial and residential establishments across Canberra and its surroundings.

If you hire our curtain mould remover, you will experience an unmatched service at the lowest price. Plus, we assure you that we do not have any hidden or additional charges on our mould removal service.

Moreover, we use safe and best-in-class cleaning products to offer the most reliable mould cleaning Canberra service. Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra has successfully served thousands of homeowners and business owners.

At Elite Curtain Cleaning, we use curtain magic mould remover Canberra to offer our clients fast and reliable mould removal services. Curtain magic mould remover enables us to eliminate mould within minutes from the thermal curtains, linings, blinds, net drapes, shower curtains, and more. Plus, with this product, there is no need to take the curtain down, off-site steam cleaning or taking curtains to the laundry.

Curtain magic mould remover Canberra does wonders on normal curtains, but it even works excellent on block-outs, rubber-backed curtains, cotton linings, and in the folds of fabrics.

Elite Curtain Cleaning is a Mould Removal Company in Canberra that offers services, such as mould inspections, mould removal, cleaning, mould testing, sampling, mould remediation, and clearance testing.

Fungal Spores:

Fungal spores are omnipresent. They are always present on objects or circulating within the air. Depending on the moisture, temperature, and humidity in the environment, they grow and cause severe infestation. Further, for mould to thrive, it needs water (humidity), food, and other suitable conditions such as cold, and dampness.

Our technicians use world-class products to remove mould and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Call on +61480090717 to know more about the service or book an appointment.

Ways to Eliminate Mould from Your Curtains

Mould is a type of fungus that grows on anything from walls to your favourite curtains. It is impossible to stop mould infestation in places with no sunlight, dampness, and high humidity. However, there are a few ways to help you remove mould from your priced belongings. One thing with any type of infestation is that you need to act immediately to stop further damage and effectively remove it.

Mould can cause a lot of health issues such as hay fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and respiratory ailments. Read the below-mentioned points to remove mould safely and in less time.

Few Ways to Remove Mould from Fabric of The Curtains


Vacuum the curtain while hanging, giving more attention to the areas with infestation. Once you are done vacuuming, do not keep the bag inside as it would have mould spores. If you fail to throw the bag outside or keep it inside, the spore may spread within the house and contaminate the entire living space.

You can softly brush the curtain with a stiff-bristled brush. Brushing the fabric can get a huge amount of mould off the curtains. Make sure that you take your curtains outside before brushing to prevent the spread of mould spores throughout the house.

Dry Cleaning the Curtains

If you feel that vacuuming did not remove mould, dry clean the curtain. Dry cleaning the curtains is an excellent mould removal method. If you are not aware of how to dry clean the curtains, consider hiring a professional curtain cleaner to remove mould safely and effectively from them.

Just keep in mind that mould infested areas should be treated first before dry cleaning them. If you dry clean the curtains before removing mould, it will blind within the fabric. Also, ensure that you use appropriate dry cleaning solvent to clean your precious curtains.

Placing the Curtains in Open Air

If you notice that spots are still stuck on the curtain even after cleaning, then hang the curtains in the open to air dry. Allow your curtain to be perfectly dried before proceeding with stain removal treatment. Also, if you put a mould-infested curtain through a dryer, the situation may even get worse. Allowing curtains to air dry in the open is the most appropriate method to mould infestation in such situations.


You can wash your curtains in the washing machine. Make sure you check the manufacturing instructions before washing your precious curtains in the machine. If the fabric is washing machine washable, then you can clean the curtains through a wash cycle. The washing machine will get rid of the mould from the curtain.

Other Curtain Mould Removal Canberra Techniques

The Citrus Solutions

Using the citrus solution for mould remediation is an ancient and widely used method. In this process, rub the lemon juice and salt on the mould infested area.

Steps to clean mould using a citrus solution:

First, carefully apply the lemon juice to the affected area, pour a good amount of salt over it.

Gently scrub the mixture with a soft cloth.

Once done, rinse the curtain thoroughly to avoid yellowish stains due to lemon on the fabric.

Finally, wash the curtain in the washing machine.

Oxygen Bleach

Mould thrives in moist conditions, and bathrooms offer them the most suitable condition to grow. Our shower curtain mould remover knows multiple ways to eliminate them effectively.

Oxygen bleach is one of the methods of removing mould from the curtain. Please note that you should use this technique only if the fabric allows it. To avoid any damage to the curtains, do a patch test before using the oxygen bleach over the curtains.

Steps to use oxygen bleach to remove mould from the curtains:

Soak the curtain in the Oxygen Bleach for some time.

Add a cup of bleach to the washing machine and leave the curtain soaking for thirty minutes.

Give it a regular clean wash.

Rinse and let them dry before rehanging them.

If you are not sure about the technique, call our shower curtain mould remover to clean your curtains.

Commercial Mould Cleaning Products

If you are tired of all the other cleaning products, try commercial mould removal products for your valuable curtains. Commercial mould removal products are specifically designed to remove mould from the fabric. Choose the curtain mould remover carefully, as any unsuitable mould remover may damage the fabric. Once done using the stain remover, put the curtains in the washing machine to clean thoroughly.

Hire a Professionals Help

When in doubt, call the professionals!! Mould can cause several health issues such as allergies, sneezing, coughing, breathing problems, headaches, and more. Further, prolonged mould exposure can cause chronic disorders. The DIY methods may not give you the best results or may damage the fabric further. Therefore, it is advised to hire professional curtain cleaning services from Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra to get the most desired results. We have a dedicated team of professionals that are experts in making your window coverings stain-free, mould-free, and germ-free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to remove mould from the curtains?

The best and reliable way to remove mould from the curtains is by hiring a professional curtain mould remover. Call on +61480090717 to hire the leading curtain cleaning company in Canberra.

How to stop the growth of mould on curtains?

Regular cleaning of the living space can prevent all types of infestation. Wipe the windows, curtains, and window surrounds with warm soapy water. Check for leakages and maintain an even temperature within the house to curb the growth of mould.

How much does it cost to dry clean curtains?

The cost to dry clean depends on various factors, such as type of material and size. To get the best curtain dry cleaning service at the most affordable price, hire Elite Curtain Cleaning Canberra technicians. Call on +61480090717 and ask for an on-call express booking.

Is it possible to clean curtains without taking them down?

Yes, our technicians use the steam cleaning technique to clean the curtains while hanging. Want to know more about the service or book an appointment? Call on +61480090717 now.

How often should I clean the curtains?

It is recommended to clean the curtain every three to six months. Cleaning curtains regularly can keep your living space fresh and healthy. Call on +61480090717 to schedule an appointment.

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